Our Offerings for B2B Clients

>>Test Series Development for Various Exams(Bank, SSC, Railway etc.):

  • Complete Test Series Designed as per latest exams conducted.
  • Questions in the test series developed as per latest pattern.
  • All papers are available in bilingual(English and Hindi).
  • We deliver test papers on scheduled time.
  • We do the best proof reading of papers before delivery.
  • We deliver error free test papers.
  • We set the test papers in the code format you required.
  • We charge the less amount in comparison to others in the industry.
  • We deliver google free content.
  • We deliver fresh questions.

>>Translation Work(English to Hindi and Hindi to English):

  • We Check the English/Hindi file and translate files into the respective language in a Word doc.
  • We ensure there are no grammatical and spelling errors, while translating.
  • We Insert Math symbols and equations in the correct format.
  • We care of it that the meaning should be properly conveyed.
  • We do not translate the technical terms. We maintain the technical terms in transliterated format and mention corresponding English words in parentheses e.g., वाइंडिंग (winding) .
  • we do not translate Screenshots/images present in the file.
  • we deliver translated material as Doc.
  • We deliver translated files within the stipulated timeline.
  • After the translation of each file we do the file naming as English Version file name_hindi and vice-versa.

>>Solution Writing for Previous Years Papers of Bank, SSC, Railway etc.:

  • Our author team solve the papers ordered by client end thoroughly on the papers.
  • We send the solved papers for typing to our operators team.
  • Then we send the doc file to our paper-checker team for proof reading.
  • After that we send the doc file to client.

>>Web Development:

  • We create full fledged website for all the categories(education, business, news, etc.).
  • We also create full fledged mobile app for all the categories(education, business, news, etc.).
  • We design the website or mobile app already created.
  • We do SEO and Digital Marketing.


  • For Test Series: Rs.500 Per Question + GST(All Exams Category)
  • For Solution Writing: Rs.300 Per Question + GST(All Exams Category)
  • For Translation: Rs.150 Per Question + GST(All Exams Category)
  • For Simple Website: Rs.20,000 + GST
  • For Advanced Website: Rs.80,000 + GST
  • For Simple Mobile App: Rs.30,000 + GST
  • For Advanced Mobile App: Rs.95000 + GST
  • For Web Design: Rs.15000 + GST (for simple) and Rs.25000 + GST (for advanced)
  • For SEO and Digital Marketing: as per requirement